Why progress needs better marketing; why we need a new World's Fair; company spotlights; request for a podcast; and a few interesting links
A new industrial revolution; new science & research models; startup spotlights; space updates; and Planet Labs
What are the ultra tipping points in technology that will lead to radical changes?
Greetings FutureBlind readers! It’s been a while. Although I have 3 or so posts outlined and in various states of completion, life has gotten in the…
This edition is all about the future of space. But first… Audio! I’ve been wanting to explore doing something in the audio/podcasting area for a while…
This is the first part of a two-part series on the future of the space industry. Although I’ve followed the space for a while now, I learned a lot in…
Recent trends and events have people talking about 2 related concepts: DeFi and NFTs. DeFi (decentralized finance) is a catch-all term for moving the…
An exploration of tech stacks & how they can be used in strategy and investing.
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