FutureBlind is a blog devoted to covering four general topics: business, investing, innovation and creative problem solving. It was initially launched in 2007.

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The name “FutureBlind” comes from the fact that we can’t predict what comes next — in business, investing, and life. We can't make detailed plans because the circumstances inevitably change. But what we can do is set broad goals while finding creative ways to protect our downside and push humanity forward. My approach towards both inventing and investing exemplifies this view.

A little about me

My name is Max Olson. I currently run product strategy at Mashgin, where we’re reinventing the checkout experience. I also run Explorist Productions, a media company that published Warren Buffett’s Letters to Shareholders, and Braewick Holdings LP, a family office that invests in public and private equities. I’ve been involved in and have a passion for many things: building companies, investing, programming, writing, storytelling, and learning anything new that comes my way.

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